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Alive Upon Arrival Guaranteed


In the rare occurrence that your Queen doesn't arrive alive then I will send you a replacement queen free of charge the same day or a refund if I'm out of stock (UK). The same applies to EU orders with the exception that the delivery charge is non-refundable and will require repaying to resend your order but the ants are completely free. All I require is a clear picture of the test tube containing the dead queen/ colony with my business card in the photo too as proof it is mine. In some cases, if the photo isn't clear enough or I want to investigate, I may require you to send the test tube containing the queen/ colony back to me so I can investigate the situation and figure out what happened and then send you a replacement (I will pay for shipping). Please note that this only applies to the queen herself and not the workers or brood. This only applies to Queens/ colonies that have died during postage, anything past 24 hours is no longer due to postage. Also, note that if you miss the delivery, this VOIDS the 'alive upon arrival guaranteed' as they will have to spend the night back at the post office and not in your care. I will also need to be notified of the DOA within 12 hours of the parcel arriving with you. This only applies to the address I have sent the parcel to and not for it to be redirected elsewhere. 


All ants should arrive alive and 95% of the time, they do successfully. I pack ants with precision and care and have experience in doing so. Unfortunately, it's impossible for every single Queen to arrive alive as I have no control over how the postal workers handle the package or where they store them for the night. All I can promise is that by purchasing from me, you purchase this guarantee and I will do everything to make sure your Queen/ colony reaches you safely.

ANY foul play in the attempt of trying to get an extra Queen/ Colony for free will not be tolerated. Anyone who is caught trying to do so will be blacklisted and banned from ordering from me in the future.

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