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About me

AntsDavey is a one-man army that is run by myself from the Southwest of England. I kept my first ant colony at age 8! it was a common Lasius niger colony in a basic ant farm setup. Whilst growing up, it's easy for life to get in the way and the lack of space/ species I was able to obtain became stale.

In 2017 I was reminiscing about my old hobby and decided why not pick it back up? I was blown away by the number of communities there were online and was instantly hooked again, reunited with my love for ants! I was amazed at the species I was able to obtain and care for and the creative minds of individuals nesting ideas. I had a lot more space available which was very exciting and my imagination was running wild. After a few months of research, I obtained my first Queen of Messor barbarus and now have the likes of leaf cutters and Bull ants.

Why buy from me?


After ants took over my life, I felt I had enough knowledge and information to open a store. It was never my intention when I started keeping to open a store but after coming into contact with a very friendly Ant Nest maker who very kindly got me in touch with a trusted Ant supplier, I thought why not?

So here we are! I have managed to build a trusted reliable reputation and I have countless satisfied customers around Europe! You've only got to check my Facebook reviews for proof of this yourself. 

All ant stock is quarantined and stored accordingly to ensure all ants are healthy before and after they reach you! All ants are packed with precision and I have few to none that die during postage.


I am an avid ant keeper myself with many years of experience. Whereas some other stores rely on pre-written articles by others to obtain their "knowledge" and don't have first-hand experience actually keeping ants... I am the opposite. I keep many species of ants myself and will be taking from personal experience and knowledge built up from over the years of dealing with these fantastic overlooked creatures.

You will receive around-the-clock customer service before and after purchase as I aim to provide you with the best service I possibly can.

I didn’t get into ant keeping to start selling ants. I got into ant keeping for the love of the hobby and ants themselves as I was keeper long before I started AntsDavey. I share the same passion as you so am happy to talk and help where I can!

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