About Camponotus samius


Asian/ European species- Carpenter Ant

Temperature: Nest 24- 28°C Outworld 20- 30°C

Humidity: Nest 50- 70% Outworld 40- 70%

Hibernation: None

Diet: Water (at all times). Carbohydrates like honey water/ sugar water or other. Protein like fresh-killed insects or other.

Colony form: Monogyne (one queen per colony) Average 5,000 workers per colony.

Founding Queen: Claustral (without feeding)

Nest type: Acrylic, Natural setup.

Sizes: Queen- 16- 18mm/ Worker- 5- 14mm

Bite/ Sting/ Formic acid: Queen and majors may bite.


Description: Camponotus Samius is a rare species and this batch I have in now are caught from Cyprus. They have a beautiful orangey-like underbody colour and are rather fast-growing compared to other species of Camponotus. They may slow down in the winter but you can keep them going by keeping them at the correct temperatures. They will not hibernate but they may take a short break. Will produce majors when they become more established as a colony.

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Camponotus samius

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