About Pheidole pallidula


European Species- Big-headed Ants

Temperature: Nest 22- 25°C Outworld 20- 30°C

Humidity: Nest 60- 80% Outworld 50- 70%

Hibernation: Yes, from the end of November to late March at 15°C.

Diet: Water (at all times). Carbohydrates like honey water/ sugar water or other. Protein like fresh-killed insects or other. Can take small grains too.

Colony form: Monogyne (one queen per colony) Average 7,000 workers per colony.

Founding Queen: Claustral (without feeding)

Nest type: Acrylic, Y tong, Natural setup.

Sizes: Queen- 7- 8mm/ Worker- 2- 4mm/ Soilders 6mm

Bite/ Sting/ Formic acid: Soilders may nip.


Description: Pheidole pallidula is a fast growing species that produce big strong soilders. The soilders task is to cut up tough food with their large and sharp mandibles and allow workers easy access to the insides of insects. They're are a very hungry species and will take high amounts of protein. They're quick runners and will escape easily so make sure you have some good escape prevention in place! They leave the nest in groups to forage. The soilders will be called into action when they're needed! They love humidity and will often sit on damp cotton or other surfaces.

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Pheidole pallidula

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