• 12 feeding ports around the plastic base allow feeding and discovery from any direction, and micro-capillary channels ensure easy access to liquid while ensuring no ants are capable of being sucked into the feeder.
  • Package contains (1) Micro liquid feeder bases and (1) glass screw-on vials and 1ml capacity
  • A low evaporation rate allows for weeks between refills. Sunburst Ant Nectar liquid food sold separately. Improved, more durable design features a 1-year replacement warranty with the manufacturer.
  • Perfect for a small founding colony.



byFormica are very highly spoken of within the ant keeping community. Their products are of the highest quality and have been used globally by countless keepers since 2014.


To Use:

To use, simply fill the glass vial with the desired liquid and screw it on the base and place it within your foraging area! Simple as that.

byFormica Liquid Feeder- Micro (1ml)

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