These ants come in vials with a hydrostone base to better simulate their founding chambers. Please hydrate the hydrostone accordingly with a pipette. I personally hydrate the base weekly with 2/3 drops of water when kept in my incubator.


About Novomessor cockerelli


American Species- Harvester Ants

Temperature: Nest 25- 30°C Outworld 24- 35°C

Humidity: Nest 60- 80% Outworld 50- 90%

Hibernation: Yes, From early December to early March at 15°c. 

Ease them into hibernation for a couple of weeks by gently dropping the temps by a couple of degrees every few days so they can prepare. Cutting the food supply will help speed up the preparation.

Diet: Water (at all times). Carbohydrates- like honey water/ sugar water or other. Protein- like fresh-killed insects or other. Seeds are 50% of their diet, like flaxseed, grass seed, rapeseed, chia seed, dandelion seed, and so on.

Colony form: Monogyne (one queen per colony) Average 5,000 workers per colony.

Founding Queen: Claustral (without feeding)

Nest type: Acrylic, Natural setup. Ytong- Should be moved to a new formicarium every 1-2 years as they do so in the wild.

Sizes: Approx: Queen- 12-13mm/ Worker- 8- 10mm


Bite/ Sting/ Formic acid: N/A


Description: Novomessor cockerelli is a desert harvester species from America. They have very distinctive long legs and are quick runners. They tend to show the highest activity in the evening. They also sometimes move all their pupae on top of the nest entrance at night and scientists are still confused on why they do this. In the wild, they're usually found nesting in wide pebble mounds with 1-3 different entrances. They're individually skittish but aggressive in groups.

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Novomessor cockerelli

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