About Camponotus vicinus

American Species

Temperature: Nest 24- 28°C Outworld 20- 30°C

Humidity: Nest 50- 80% Outworld 40- 70%

Hibernation: Yes, November to February at 10-15°c.

Diet: Water (at all times). Carbohydrates like honey water/ sugar water or other. Protein like fresh-killed insects or other.

Colony form: Monogyne (one queen per colony) Average 3,000 workers per colony.

Founding Queen: Claustral (without feeding)


Nest type: Acrylic, Natural setup, Y Tong


Sizes: Queen- 14- 16mm/ Worker- 7- 13mm

Bite/ Sting/ Formic acid: Queen and Majors may bite.


Description: Camponotus vicinus is a cool species that is fairly common in parts of America. They show high activity at night making them more nocturnal. A species that does not show high aggression towards other ants and would rather mind their own business foraging. a polymorphic species with workers varying in size and colonies later producing majors. Why not add an American species to your collection?

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Camponotus vicinus

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