About Camponotus cinctellus


African Species- Shiny Sugar Ant

Temperature: Nest 24- 28°C Outworld 20- 30°C

Humidity: Nest 50- 70% Outworld 40- 70%

Hibernation: None

Diet: Water (at all times). Carbohydrates like honey water/ sugar water or other. Protein like fresh-killed insects or other.

Colony form: Monogyne (one queen per colony) Average 5,000 workers per colony.

Founding Queen: Claustral (without feeding)

Nest type: Acrylic, Natural setup.

Sizes: Queen- 14- 16mm/ Worker/ Major- 5- 12mm

Bite/ Sting/ Formic acid: Majors may bite.


Description: Camponotus cinctellus are commonly known as the shiny sugar ant due to their shiny gaster and love for sugary foods. All castes of ants in this species have gasters that shine in the light and it's truly amazing to see. Normally found throughout parts of Africa. WIll produce majors when the colony becomes established. Caught in Kenya.

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Camponotus cinctellus (Shiny Sugar Ant)

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