Dried Dandelion Leaves

Our dried dandelion leaves are sourced locally here in England. They're grown organically and free from any harmful pesticides/ fungicides which makes them great for feeding leafcutting ants. Handy for switching up/ alternating the feeding schedule which is vital for a healthy colony. I personally feed dried goods every other day with fresh leaves in between. 


Dried Goods 

  • All our dried goods have been tested intensely on our personal colonies and all are 100% organic and safe.
  • Providing the flowers and/or leaves with a light misting of water will make them let of sweet light aroma. 
  • Please note that leafcutter ants should not be on an only dried-good diet. Providing fresh leaves as a primary source of food leads to a healthy colony. These ants will always choose fresh leaves over dried ones.
  • Leafcutting ants will also cut dried or fresh leaves/ flowers to adust their climate. 


Also safe and suitable for any other small animals and reptiles, straight from the bag.

In buying dried goods from me, you can guarantee that they're 100% safe for your leafcutter's fragile fungus.

Dandelion Leaves

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