About Polyrhachis phryne


Australian Species- Spiny Ant

Temperature: Nest 21- 26°C Outworld 18- 28°C

Humidity: Nest 50- 70% Outworld 40- 70%

Hibernation: Not needed. Naturally slow down themselves but do not stop laying.

Diet: Water (at all times). Carbohydrates like honey water/ sugar water or other. Protein like fresh-killed insects or others. Can take seeds too.

Colony form: Polygyne (can have multiple queens per colony) Average a few hundred workers per single Queen colony.

Founding Queen: Semi-Claustral (with feeding)

Nest type: Acrylic, Y-tong, Natural setup. 

Sizes: Queen- 12mm/ Worker- avg 6-8mm

Bite/ Sting/ Formic acid: Can spray formic acid when provoked as a defense mechanism and can bite also.


Description: Polyrhachis phryne are known as spiny ants due to the spikes coming off of their lower thorax. They're a beautiful species but are rather timid and shy while young. They show the most activity during the night making them nocturnal. More of an arboreal species but will do well in most setups and are often kept in Y-Tong nests. Very easy to keep and contain due to their manageable mature colony size. Hardy exotic species.

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Polyrhachis phryne

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